About Us

A Little About Us

Located just southwest of Chicago, the Downtown Sushi Ukai is set within the historic atmosphere of this quaint, yet modern, downtown. A small, intimate spot and very popular with the local sushi crowd. Managers Lilli and husband and Head Sushi Chef Dong make you feel welcome, and you will want to come back. Wow, their son is already a toddler years old—seemed like yesterday he was an infant!

Our Vision

The kids love the live salt water fish tank near the sushi bar and keep looking for Nemo! Offering some of the most unique sushi dishes, and they welcome special requests. Ask for a little Cucumber Sonomo (Thin slices of cucumber with a little sweet water), and watch your children actually eat their vegetables. Located downtown and walking distance to the train. Call ahead to reserve the Tatami Room, and, as an added benefit, enjoy some good people watching in Downtown La Grange window side.